Spring Cleaning

Now that Old Man Winter is starting to release his grip (albeit slowly), our thoughts are turning toward shearing again. Just like the winter holiday season, it seems to come quicker each year.

If you haven’t been sorting because of the cold weather, it’s time to dig out all of your sorting supplies and get them clean and organized for your first sort. Contacting previous clients to set up sorting is the current task due for marketing yourself that will bring income in for your farm. Email, phone call or a brochure are all good options for this.

If you are not a member of the NFP cooperative, you may not know that the dehairing machine is built and awaiting transport from Italy. We foresee changes in the sorting rules after Carrie Hull, who is overseeing the dehairing project now, gets all of the samples from Italy. As soon as we have information on this we will let you know. We also think that sorting will be more in demand as NFP members start to see results from the restructuring of the finances and administration of the cooperative and the dehairing machine.

We at CSS are looking for venues for more regional sorts to help our apprentices get numbers and provide cooperative members the chance to quickly get their fiber submitted after shearing. All it takes is a large, comfortable 3-car garage size area, lots of fleece and sorters with one Certified Sorter. If you can get one organized in your area, we will definitely support your efforts. Think about your largest client and their facilities; would they be interested in having breeders and sorters come to their farm for 3-4 days? Gives them a great chance to market their animals and their farm.

Let us know if we can assist you in your sorting efforts. Happy sorting!!

Pam, Brian & Jody